Chihuly Towers - Zona Images

20 June 2013

Chihuly Towers

There is a fascinating display of cacti at the Phoenix Botanical Gardens and not all are organic. World renowned glass artist Dale Chihuly has a display there that is as beautiful as as any of the indigenous desert plants there on display. I was recently at the Botanical Garden with my daughter and son-in-law on a Friday evening before we headed downtown for First Friday. While we were there a jazz ensemble began playing at sunset and the natural amphitheater pushed the music out surrounding us with beautiful traditional jazz beats as we finished our tour of the gardens. When we made our way back to the Chihuly exhibit the cacti were wrapped in beautiful light and the glass was transformed into amazing beauty. In November of this year the Phoenix Botanical Gardens will host a large collection of Chihuly glass cacti and I will certainly be there to capture Dale's glass in my glass. Hopefully to the backbeat of a jazz band.

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