First Light of 2014 - Zona Images

01 January 2014

It has been a routine that I have gone through on the first light of the New Year many times; I can't wait for the golden rays of the year that is to follow.

Normally I reflect on pitfalls and triumphs as the previous twelve months are filed away in the silent darkness as I wait for the dawn of a new year that awaits discovery. This morning, however, was slightly different because it is the first time I have gone though this routine without being able to contact my mother later in the day. She is no longer waiting for my phone call but I am sure she is anticipating our eventual reunion.

So this next year will be quite different than any I've lived previously. Life should be lived to the absolute fullest because there is no telling what malady or calamity may arise at any given moment.  A new sunrise brings new opportunity!

"Are You Who You Want To Be?" - Jon Foreman

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