Roaming the Backroads - Zona Images

12 April 2014

On the Rocks

While on this roadtrip in the Midwest I have been sticking to the backroads searching for the beauty in rural America. There is a place I went to in my teens that called me back, the enormous granite stones still impress me as much as they did back then. They are called Elephant Rocks purely due to their massive sizes. Herds of elephants in the middle of nowhere.

Granite Pool

Mining has been big business around here for a very long time. Often when a quarry is dug it will fill with water and create awesome pools. Swimming was a very big part of my youth here and I'm quite sure hundreds of kids over the years have enjoyed these granite pools as much as I did.

Lone Tree

There is beauty everywhere. When we travel the backroads it takes us closer to where beauty is in abundance.

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