Sr. Augusta Mary of Our Lady of Grace - Zona Images

06 June 2015

"No one realizes more than women who are consecrated Religious that we are signs of contradiction in a very contradictory world but God gives meaning to our lives because He is the center of our lives." Sr. Mary Fidelis

A major milestone in the discernment of becoming a cloistered Poor Claire of Perpetual Adoration nun takes place at the Investiture Ceremony. On this day I witnessed a beautiful transition of a young woman, Jennifer, being clothed in the habit of a Poor Claire nun and thus becoming Sister Augusta Mary of Our Lady of Grace.

Jesus calls each of us to serve Him but not all of us listen to the call because we are preoccupied with our lives apart from Him. Sr. Augusta Mary, like her wonderful family of nuns in Tonopah at Our Lady of Solitude Monastery, has listened, heard and is following the path Jesus has given her. We would be part of a much better society if more of us would simply listen.

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